Power Transformer Retrofit Engineering

Retrofit of power transformers always involves a high content of specialized engineering, which represents great challenges. At Ingetraf we have expert engineers to make these processes more dynamic, agile and safe for our clients.

Bushings Replacement Engineering

Bushings Replacement Engineering

Mechanical modifications, selection of hardware, gasketing and internal connections.

Conservator tank retrofit and elastic compensator implementation

Conservator tank retrofit and elastic compensator implementation

Sizing of the elastic compensator and level indicator with the respective mechanical adaptation.

Active part engineering core presses windings and connections

Active part engineering

(core, presses, windings and connections)

Core mechanical modifications with presses, mechanical design of windings and connections.

Engineering for mechanical tank modifications

Engineering for mechanical tank modifications

Adding or replacing the refrigeration system, valve replacement, accessory replacement, gasket replacement, hardware, etc.

No-On Load Tap Changer's Retrofit NLTC OLTC

No/ On Load Tap Changer’s Retrofit


Connection, mechanical adaptation and motor control adjustments if applicable.

Transformer monitoring systems

Control and monitoring modernization engineering

Currently the industry requires to be competitive, a permanent update; this leads to adapt techniques in control and monitoring systems; understanding regulations and protocols in favor of efficiency and quality in the different industrial facilities. Therefore, we offer solutions that address security and monitoring functions of power transformers.

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