Predictive and preventive maintenance

transformers oil

Most of the power transformers which are in operation today operate with mineral oil as the insulating and cooling fluid.

The effectiveness of oil and paper as insulating materials decreases when the moisture level is increased, while the cooling function of the oil is decreased with the oxidation effect.

The experience of the INGETRAF engineers in transformers oil treatment allows us to offer maintenance programs that ensure the operability of your transformer and its optimal performance.

Mantenimiento Predictivo:

  • Transformer’s monitoring, using a Dissolved Gas Analysis method, for those that have indications of a possible failure.
  • Analysis of Remaining life of power transformers.

Mantenimiento Preventivo:

  • Oil reclaiming with transformer ENERGIZED, such processing may include:
    • Filtering and degassing for dielectric oil
    • o Insulating oil reclaiming
  • Sludge disposal from the active part and cleaning and replacement of oil (de-energized transformer)
  • Active part drying of the power transformers on field.
  • Sealing oil preservation systems (Air cell compensator).
  • OLTC – On Load Tap Changer maintenance.
  • Oil leaks correction.
  • Transformer regasketing
  • Transformer painting
  • Replacement of defective parts or accessories
Oil machine
Oil machine

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