Oil analysis

Laboratory oil

INGETRAF provides a set of tests and specialized services designed to ensure reliable operation of Distribution and Power transformers.

INGETRAF provides services oil analysis in certified laboratories. The diagnoses and recommendations are made by our specialists; tests carried out are shown in the following table:

Specific gravity ASTM D 1298
Dielectric Breakdown ASTM D 877/1816
Power Factor ASTM D 924
Water content  ASTM D 1533
(IFT) Interfacial Tension ASTM D 971
Acidity or Neutralization Number(NN) ASTM D 974
Color ASTM D 1500
Disolved gas analysis (DGA) ASTM D 3612
Furan Analysis ASTM D 5837 – HPLC
Inhibitor Content ASTM D 2668.

Based on our experience and with the results of previous tests, a specialized technical report is delivered to the customer giving them the recommendations and the real condition of the transformer and the maintenance activities that are required.

Monitoring and maintaining the quality of the insulating oil are essential steps to ensure optimal operation of electrical equipment and maintain the reliability of electricity supply.

A high level of deterioration of insulating oil causes a decrease in life expectancy and therefore a reduction in the margin of safety equipment operation.

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