Vegetable dielectric oil FR3

INGETRAF is the exclusive representative for Colombia of Cargill’s FR3 vegetable oil.

With over two million installations across six continents and validated in over 250 tests, Cargill’s FR3® natural ester fluid is trusted by our customers to deliver cost-effective solutions that reliably and safely help improve transformer performance.

Our team of dielectric experts is active in the standards community globally and has extensive knowledge of not only dielectric fluid properties but also fluid performance in application. And they have transformer design experience, too. This means our customers adopting FR3 natural ester technology have comprehensive dielectric fluids support from initial planning stages through best practices implementation and beyond.

Backed by Cargill’s global supply chain network, our customers can rely on us to deliver the best solution for their application when they need it, anywhere in the world.

With FR3 fluid, our customers can:

  • Gain cost efficiencies either on initial cost or total cost of ownership.
  • Extend transformer insulation and asset life.
  • Optimize load capability.
  • Significantly improve fire safety.
  • Enhance their environmental footprint and sustainable supply chain initiatives.
FR3 fluid formulated for performance colombia

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