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¿What is DRYKEEP®?

INGETRAF offers together with its ally Ardy Group a full On-line drying system for power transformers.

The DryKeep® System — The Original On-line Molecular Sieve Dry-out System with Condition Based Monitoring for Power Transformers Increase service reliability and safety while lowering costs!

DryKeep® is a SMART, on-line power transformer dry-out system that provides continuous maintenance prior to equipment failures—it’s proactive, cost-efficient, and powerful. The continuous on-line removal of water from the transformer oil also ensures the removal of the moisture and loose fibers in the solid insulation. The diffusion of the moisture from the solid insulation to the oil maintains the associated equilibrium as water is removed from the oil. This process not only reduces the paper aging, but will improve the dielectric strength of the insulation and increase reliability. It enables transformers to be run on higher load cycles with greatly reduced risk of failure. The increased plant utilization will allow capital expenditure to be deferred.

If the transformer life is dependent on the condition of the paper and the amount of moisture that is present in the cellulose and oil system, proactive measures instead of reactive, allow moisture to be controlled more effectively. On-line systems, such as DryKeep®, that gently remove moisture are preferred to the interactive systems that are used at prescribed intervals.

DRYKEEP® is the proactive permanent solution for power transformer life extension.

DryKeep® USA’s SMART design includes permanently installed moisture-in-oil sensors and a PLC-based monitoring and control system. This continuous monitoring and dehydration system measures the water content and temperature of the oil, reducing paper aging and increasing dielectric strength. *(SCADA Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology).

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