Windings Thermometer

The simulation method of winding temperature is used to approximate the winding hottest spot. It is necessary to make this approach because is difficult to sense the temperature directly in the winding. The measuring method involves a current transformer, which is located to measure the current flowing through the coil, the transformer supplies a circuit that adds heat to a thermometer and there final temperature reading of windings is obtained.


  • Remote assembly, that is, the thermowell at the top, and the indicator in the visible part for the operator. It comes with up to 3 to 6 meters capillaries length.
  • Adjustable micro switches to indicate the temperature of the winding (thermal imaging).
  • The temperature gradient between the winding and the coolant (oil) depends on the current in the winding.
  • Purely mechanical system, autonomous energy sources consumption measurement.
  • Connection scheme ANSI, IEC.

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