Pressuere Relief Device PRD

Protects the transformer tank from an overpressure generated suddenly or gradually up to a determinate value. (8, 10 or 12 PSI). Relieves the overpressure avoiding that the transformer tank breaks. (14.22 PSI).

The operating principle is that with an increase in pressure in the tank, the valve is pushed out; moving the microswitch needle, pushing the expansion board when a certain level of pressure is reached, and the plate is lifted and evacuates the pressure, closing the contacts of the microswitch.


  • Location on the top cover of the transformer and on the top of the On Load Tap Changers – OLTC.
  • They are classified by type of operation: trigger and plunger.
  • They are classified by type of connector: Ansi and Box.
  • Connection scheme ANSI, IEC

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