Strategic Platform

Ingeniería en Transformadores S.A.S - Ingetraf S.A.S


We provide solutions in the field of electrical engineering, always relying on the constant innovation and creativity of our professionals. We energize the world with social and environmental responsibility and organizational excellence.


INGETRAF will be recognized as one of the best allies in the generation of comprehensive and innovative solutions in electrical engineering, tailored to our clients, providing knowledge and transforming the sector towards the challenges of the future.

Integrated Management Policy

INGENIERÍA EN TRANSFORMADORES S.A.S. – INGETRAF is an organization dedicated to providing supervision, assembly and maintenance services for transformers, as well as the supply of dielectric oil of vegetable origin for transformers, establishing organizational excellence as the fundamental basis of our activities, whose main pillar is the integrated system of SIG management and PESV.

Aligned with this concept, we are committed to:

  1. Act with professionalism, quality commitment.
  2. Comply with the client’s requirements, the current national regulations applicable in matters of occupational hazards, the environment, road safety and others signed by the interested parties.
  3. Maintain safe and healthy working conditions, which cover all collaborators regardless of their employment relationship; identifying the hazards, and assessing the risks to establish the respective controls, including road safety.
  4. Guarantee participation and consultation mechanisms to strengthen the SIG and PESV in the organization.
  5. The protection of the environment, including the prevention of pollution and the appropriate use of natural resources that are related to our activities, products and services.
  6. Seek continuous improvement of the SIG and the PESV, which challenges us and optimizes organizational performance.

DATE: 03/01/2023


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