Consultancy services for manufacturing process
and FAT testing in power transformers

INGETRAF, has specialized engineers with extensive experience in manufacturing processes and electrical testing routine, type and special in Power Transformers and Distribution.

FAT testing in power transformers
FAT testing

provides consultancy services in the following processes:

  • Inspection processes throughout the manufacturing transformer parts or components such as: Windings, Core, painting for the transformer and its parts, cabinet control and assembly of the active part (winding-Core) monitoring drying processes of the active part, assembly of the active in the tank, vacuum process, leak tightness and oil filling.
  • Witnessing of the Electrical tests (routine, type and specials) to the transformer and its parts, according to the international standards. IEEE, IEC, NTC, CSA CANADA
  • Transformer turns ratio test, polarity, phase angle displacement
  • Power Factor Dissipation for the entire transformer’s insolation system and bushings, measurement of the (power factor/tan delta) and the capacitances.
  • Winding Resistance.
  • Insulation resistance test
  • Applied voltage at industrial frequency.
  • No-load losses and excitation current and harmonics level.
  • Load losses and transformer impedance.
  • Testing the system wiring insulation and the control cabinet accessories.
  • Verification of the electromechanical and electronic signals for all components.
  • Insulation test for current transformers, test ratio, polarity and excitation (magnetization).
  • Full-wave test (1,2 x 50 )µseg, Switching impulse and Front-of-wave test
  • Partial discharge test.
  • Temperature-rise tests.
  • Audible sound emissions test.
  • Short-circuit test.
  • Sweep frequency response analysis.

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