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Aceite Dieléctrico


Is part of the insulation system and serves as a cooling medium in the transformer, this oil can be regenerated to recover its properties allowing to extend the life expectancy and reliability of the transformer.




Mineral Oil

It is a compound derivate from the isoparaffinic, naphthenic and aromatic hydrocarbons, which is obtained by distillation and refining processes, to have suitable properties as insulating medium, coolant, compatible with other parts of the transformer and stability to oxidation processes.


Vegetable Oil or Natural Ester

It is a compound of vegetable oils, classified as edible oil with additives to improve its performance, as an antioxidant, pour point and coloring. Vegetable oil is biodegradable, being friendly to the environment, excellent performance flashover resistance and flash point above 320°C, values far superior to conventional dielectric oil or hydrocarbon compounds, improves water removal capacity caused by aging, decreasing the rate of aging of the insulating paper.