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A high percentage of failures in transformers are due to defects caused by the deterioration of its accessories or its improper operation.

The selection and use of high quality accessories help ensure reliability and operational readiness of the transformers in an electrical system.


INGETRAF provides accessories with good performance and high quality, beginning the process with good advice to the customer about which kind of accessory is the most recommended for the installation.



termometro-de-devanadosThe simulation method of winding temperature is used to approximate the winding hottest spot. It is necessary to make this approach because is difficult to sense the temperature directly in the winding.


VentiladoresThe fan is a system that produces an air stream, it is associated with a heat sink or radiator, it helps increase heat transfer between a solid medium (radiator) and the air, called forced ventilation system.


PararrayosIt is a device that helps driving an electric shock of ionizing type and lead to ground potential, in order to avoid damage to installed equipment in the area struck by lightning and protect the people lives.


Relé de presión súbitaThe sudden pressure relay is a protective device that detects transformers sudden increase in pressure caused by internal faults.

respiradores de silica gelThis device serves to avoid that the moisture and particulate matter go through the transformer oil during the oil expansion process. It is an interface between the transformer and the external environment.


ReconectadoresThey are devices that act as switches and can automatically restore service after an interruption process of fault currents, providing greater continuity in the energy service to customers.


Válvula de SobrepresiónProtects the transformer tank from an overpressure generated suddenly or gradually up to a determinate value. (8, 10 or 12 PSI). Relieves the overpressure avoiding that the transformer tank breaks. (14.22 PSI).


termometro-de-aceiteIndicates the transformer’s oil temperature in Celsius degrees, sensitive to changes in temperature, the element is mounted on top of the transformer and is called thermowell


indicador de nivelThis device indicates the level of oil in the transformer, the function is to warn about leaks that occur in the transformer and endanger the transformer dielectric fluid loss.


Relé BuchholzUsed in transformers with conservator, it is placed in a main pipe between conservator and main tank. Buchholz relay is a gas trap, with floats that detects bubbles from a transformer failure.